Coffee Text


November 2020 – Present


Product Design
Website Design
Business Development


November 2020 – Present

The Idea

Coffee Text is a service that connects coffee enthusiasts to micro-roasters across Canada and ables customers to but coffee via SMS.

I bridged the gap by helping roasters reach new audiences while giving coffee enthusiasts a low-friction option to discover coffee that’s already been vetted.



To assess the potential market for our service, I built an audience using a landing page that offered pre-launch incentives. Additionally, I established relationships with roasters to gauge their interest in our service. As there was evident interest from both the consumer and roaster ends, I went ahead and formally established Coffee Text.

Pain Points

Coffee drinkers don’t have time to do the research to discover new brands

Coffee drinkers would have to risk spending money on coffee they may not like

It’s hard to determine if the coffee ordered is fresh


Matt, 34
Software Developer

Matt is a software developer who gets his juices flowing with great coffee in the morning. He loves to try new coffee but doesn’t know where to start in his research.


  • Keep energized
  • Enjoy great coffee


  • Too many choices
  • Freshness & quality are unknown
  • Time consuming to research

Product Design

The App

Through the app, customers can purchase coffee by simply sending a text message and entering their payment information only once. All transactions are conducted through text messaging, while account management is carried out through the web app. I conducted a thorough examination and testing of the customer flow to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience when buying coffee.

The Logo

My aim was to incorporate both the elements of “coffee” and “text” in the logo, utilizing a pictorial style. After multiple iterations, I realized that the generic form of a chat bubble would allow us to expand into other markets and products, while the text element would accurately reflect the nature of our business. The typewriter typeface in the logo signifies the act of typing, which is how customers conduct transactions through our SMS platform.

IterationsFinal Logo

The Brand

Initially, various color combinations were considered, but we opted for a simple palette that caters to all demographics while maintaining brand neutrality. The addition of a blue accent provides a sense of tranquility, while the inclusion of a yellow accent represents savings.

The Website

Primarily, the website functions as a landing page for new subscribers, and all transactions occur through the phone. Therefore, I prioritized mobile-first design for the site, considering it the primary medium for user interaction with the site and app. Nonetheless, the site is responsive and adaptable to function effectively on all devices.



The objective of Coffee Text to unite coffee enthusiasts and roasters throughout Canada has been successfully accomplished. Our efforts have resulted in the expansion of roaster’s fan base and enabled our subscribers to discover Canada through coffee.

What I learned:

The valuable feedback provided by our customers has been crucial in implementing updates that align with their preferences. For example, after receiving numerous requests for a pickup option, we promptly integrated this feature. Additionally, we conducted surveys to identify any areas in the user flow that needed improvement and made the necessary adjustments. As a result, we introduced the ability to select variants, which has effectively enhanced the customization of orders and consequently led to an increase in sales.