Coffee Text


November 2020 – Present


Product Design
Website Design
Business Development


November 2020 – Present

The Idea

Coffee Text is a service that connects coffee enthusiasts to micro-roasters across Canada and ables customers to transact directly via SMS.

I bridged the gap by helping roasters reach new audiences while giving coffee enthusiasts a low-friction option to discover coffee that’s already been vetted.



To determine whether there was a market for this service I built an audience using a landing page with a pre-launch incentive. Further, I established relationships with roasters to determine if there was interest on their end. There was obvious interest on both sides of the market so Coffee Text was formally established.

Pain Points

Coffee drinkers don’t have time to do the research to discover new brands

Coffee drinkers would have to risk spending money on coffee they may not like

It’s hard to determine if the coffee ordered is fresh


Matt, 34
Software Developer

Matt is a software developer who gets his juices flowing with great coffee in the morning. He loves to try new coffee but doesn’t know where to start in his research.


  • Keep energized
  • Enjoy great coffee


  • Too many choices
  • Freshness & quality are unknown
  • Time consuming to research

Product Design

The App

The app allows customers to buy coffee via SMS, only having to enter payment info one time. All transactions take place via text messaging while account management takes place on the web app. The customer flow was deeply examined and tested to ensure that customers can enjoy an intuitive and frictionless experience buying coffee.

The Logo

I wanted to convey both the aspect of “coffee” and “text” in the logo via a pictorial style logo. As I iterated and reached the conclusion that the generic form of the chat bubble would allow the opportunity to expand into other markets/products while the text would identify what the business offers. The typewriter typeface conveys the act of typing which is how customers transact via the SMS platform.

IterationsFinal Logo

The Brand

Many variations were explored at first but with keeping the brand neutral I decided on a simple palette that would appeal to all demographics. The blue accent injects a sense of peace and while the yellow accent refers to savings.

The Website

The website mainly serves as a landing page to get new subscribers.  All transactions take place via a phone so the site was designed for mobile first as this is the medium we expect our users to interact with the site and app. The site is responsive to work on all devices.



Coffee Text has achieved the goal of connecting coffee lovers and roasters across Canada. We’ve created new fans for roasters and allowed our subscribers to explore Canada via coffee.

What I learned:

There are a lot of assumptions to make as far as how the customer will interact with the app but as I  move forward I have made changes based on feedback. For example, I assumed a pick-up option was not a potential option for customers but after a few questions about it, I realized that assumption was wrong and I added the option to pickup directly from the roaster.