Township of Langley

Design Practice


I believe the objective of the Township’s Instagram page is to disseminate news, announcements, and events with the aim of keeping the community informed and engaged. To achieve this, it’s crucial to present posts that are not only attention-grabbing but also encourage sharing.

To realize this goal, I advocate for three key strategies:

  1. Craft a visually appealing grid by incorporating brand colors and approved icon graphics.
  2. Present information in a concise and organized manner. One such example is Instagram Carousel posts.
  3. Design easily recognizable posts in which the included information follows a predictable pattern. This can be achieved by incorporating familiar symbols, such as an exclamation point, to convey alerts.

In an effort to enhance the efficiency of the Instagram grid, I introduced three modifications: altering the profile picture and making adjustments to two photos on the grid.

Instagram Post Modifications

I chose to removed text from the Township logo because it often becomes challenging to read on a phone when browsing Instagram. The Township emblem is easily recognizable and therefore serves as an ample distinctive symbol for the township. Additionally, this choice contributes to a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

I substituted the image with a visually engaging graphic designed to instantly capture the user’s attention. Through the utilization of an exclamation icon, I believe we achieve the objective of signaling the significance of the subsequent information. The carousel effectively fulfills its purpose of conveying information and directing users towards the site link and encourages them to share the post.

I included a familiar icon to clearly indicate that this post serves as an announcement. Further, I aligned the background image to the center to enhance its visual appeal and lastly reduced the image brightness and added a dark gradient so that the text and icon are prominent.

Instagram carousel Example