VPD Design Exercise

The objective of this exercise is to brainstorm and refine concepts that showcase my thought process and capabilities. I’ve implemented certain modifications aimed at enhancing the user experience while navigating the website or reading a document. Furthermore, I’ve developed a conceptual logo that reimagines the existing one, with the intention of modernizing and streamlining its appearance.

Website – Mega Menu Text Justification

Goal: Enhance the menu’s readability

Action: Align the text to the left and modify the bottom border of each menu item to cover span just the menu item text

Result: Facilitates user navigation by improving legibility. The adjustment aids smoother reading as English is typically read from left to right. Previous center alignment of menu items led to excessive lateral eye movement, straining vision and impeding comprehension


Website – Negative Space

Goal: Enhance information discoverability and elevate the visual appeal of the main content

Action: Reduce the width of the content area or incorporate padding

Result: Establishes distinct boundaries around the website’s content, aiding users in swiftly identifying important information. The inclusion of negative space also contributes to a visually sleeker and neater appearance


Document Design | Organization


Goal: Utilize the entire page effectively, streamline content organization, and enhance legibility

Action: Enlarge the font size and adjust text spacing appropriately. Employ boxes to group headers, sub-headers, and images. Eliminate the black background.

Result: Enables users to swiftly pinpoint crucial information through quick scanning. Adjustments to text attributes promote better readability, encouraging users to engage with the content. The removal of the black background lends a more inviting and approachable tone to the page, resulting in a visually appealing presentation.

Branding | Logo


Goal: Make the logo more modern and establish a distinctive identity

Action: Opt for a non-generic font choice and employ bold colours like black and dark blue to create better contrast

Result: Achieves instant recognition and presents a sleek, contemporary appearance. The design is adaptable for various applications depending on the placement of image and text, maintaining a polished and versatile aesthetic